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Tips for SBI PO Interview and SBI PO Group Discussion

Are you looking for answer to 'How to crack SBI PO interview and Group Discussion' if yes then you are just on the right page. Today we are going to share few of the tips for GD Group discussion and personal interview. Basically these test are test are conducted to check a candidate communication skills and knowledge on subject. GD and interview are now a days very important part of selection process for public sector bank recruitment as well as other job recruitment process.

What is Group Discussion?
Group Discussion means a team of 4-8 candidates who are given a topic on which the discussion is to be done. All the candidates can present their view on the topic. The main aim of interviewer is to know the judgmental skills, conversational and team building skills of applicants.

Tips for SBI PO Group Discussion
Talk on Facts: Keep in mind always use facts and figures in favour of your answer. This will help you to grab the attention of examiner and help to to get a positive point over others. Think before you speak: Don't just try to show your present by speaking a few sentences but instead try to speak relevant even if you speak a few words. Take your time to get ideas or words.

Show Confidence: Confidence is key to success. If you are making a statement stick to it and present the solid points to support your statement. Be Attentive to discussion: Free your self from outside world for few minuted when you are in GD and try to concentrate on topic only. Don't sit quietly during the discussion as this will increase your chance of rejection. Be attentive, active in all sense asking question or even by appreciating others.

Avoid Repeating Other Points: Try to present your own thoughts instead of repeating other words. Else it all will end up in adding few negative points against you.

Take Initiative to start Discussion: If you have enough knowledge of the topic, try to start the discussion with a small introduction this will act in favour of you. As the will attract the attention of examiner towards you.

All these points motioned here will surely help you to come successful at IBPS Probationary Officer Interview.

Tips for SBI PO Interview
Dress Code for SBI PO interview: First impression is the last impression this sentence fits this point. As all the candidates should wear the proper formal dress for an interview. This speaks about the professional attitude of candidates.

Confidence: The half battle is won if you go with the confidence. The confidence will help you to give answer in best possible manner and to present yourself in the best way. Before an interview you can rehearse before mirror. Also it is highly recommended to read about the first question asked by interviewer in an interview "Tell me about yourself".

Grammar: It is one of the area where most of candidates fails though not each and every one have excellent command over the English language. You can always try avoiding basic Grammar mistakes. You can do this by presenting thinks in simple words instead of using complicated sentences or words.

Basic Knowledge of SBI Banks and Associated banks: Polish you general knowledge related to banking sector and related financial institutions. You will get huge advantage from this, as bout 75% and above interviewers always ask questions about the company history.

Banking Question: I think you all are very well aware about this point that if you are going for SBI PO (Probationary Officer) interview which is a interview for officers at senior level officers the interviewer expect that the candidates have basic knowledge of banking terms. This related knowledge shows that a candidate is really interested in the job.

If you stick to the above mentioned rules for GD and interview your changes to get good percentage of marks increases. Hope you all do follow all the points as mentioned above to crack the SBI PO Interview and SBI PO Group Discussion.

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