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Tell Me About Yourself - HR Interview Question and Answer

Are you searching for 'How to answer "Tell me about Yourself" in an Interview? Then wait you are on the right page today we will suggest some of the best ways to introduce yourself in front of interviewers. Generally the aim of experts is to know about your real attitude and behaviour. The first question asked in an interview - 'tell me about youself' has a real importance as we all know the first impression is the last impression.

Today we will make you learn some of the brilliant ways to answer the questions asked in all jobs interview. Before we proceed further please assume that you are in front of HR manager. Try to focus and tell them truth about your liking/ disliking, strength and weakness, your achievements, Goals etc.

Interview Tips - Stay calm, pay attention, tell real answer and feel confident .... now proceed.

How to answer the interview question tell be about yourself?
  • Very good morning mam/sir.
  • I am Sanjana Gusain. I have completed my schooling from St Mary's Public School and I have completed my graduation from JIMS in commerce field.
  • Being a Internet lover I have good knowledge of Microsoft office, tally and networking.
  • Coming to my family. I have five members in my family including me. My father is a working in Bikano food limited, my mother is an house wife.
  • I am an ambitious person who wants to get most of the life. My short term goal are to join a reputed company where my skill are shared and enriched.
  • My long-term goal is to achieve success in the Field I work and in doing so create a special identity in society so my parents feels proud of me.
  • My hobbies are playing games, swimming, surf internet, watching Hollywood movies.
  • My strengths are my problem solving/ analytical ability, I can work under pressure and my self motivated as well as to motivate other peoples are am key strength.
  • As we all know that no one is perfect in this world. I am also weak at some areas as I am a little shy person.
  • Thanks for providing me this opportunity to introduce myself infront of you'

Do keep in mind that the interviewer is not asking you about your autobiography so just try to answer in the most informative way, try to crisp and to the point. Give the interviewer a point why he should hire you.

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